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Need a Barn Call for the animals on your farm?

We will be doing free barn calls with  owner, Kent Snyder, and Jason Heeter, our Tribute Feeds Specialist

Call (570)368-3377 to set up your barn call.

          Spring Hours

Monday-Thursday 8AM-6PM

Friday- Saturday 8AM-5PM

Sunday 12 noon - 3PM (until June 30, 2016)

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We have stones and mulch, delivery available

Regular Mulch $27.00 per scoop

Dyed Black and Brown Mulch $34.00 per scoop

Dyed Red Mulch $38.00 per scoop

Playground Mulch $32.00 per scoop

Limestone 1B $36.00 per scoop (weighs approx. 1 ton)

Limestone 2B $31.50 per scoop (weighs approx. 1 ton)

Red Stone 1B or 2B $39.25 per scoop (weighs approx. 1 ton)

Topsoil $31.50 per scoop (weighs approx. 1 ton)

Compost Organic $42.00 per scoop

2A Subase $30.50 per scoop (weighs approx. 1 ton)

Screenings $32.00 per scoop (weighs approx. 1 ton)

Our scoop is a little larger than a cubic yard

half scoops also available

Show Off Your Home's Potential .... We Have the Vision!

Snyder's Landscapes, and Hardscapes

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